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        Here is my 2016 Show Tour - look forward to meeting you soon.  Please continue to
check back as I'll continue to update as I firm up my attenance in each show.

 Month Dates Show Info  City/State
 January 8-9-10  Wizard World - Comic Con  New Orleans, LA
 February 20-21
 MGA Comic Con
 Wizard World - Comic Con
  Macon, GA
  Cleveland, OH
 March  5-6
 Treasure Coast Freak Show
 Fanboy Expo
 Ft. Pierce, FL
 Lakeland, FL
 April  1-2-3
 29-30-May 1
 Wizard World - Comic Con
 Wizard World - Comic Con
 Cape Comic Con
Marble City Comic Con
 Indiana Con
  St. Louis, MO
  Madison, WI
  Cape Girardeau, MO
  Knoxville, TN
  Indianapolis, IN
 Wizard World - Comic Con
 Wizard World - Comic Con
 Minneapolis, MN
 Des Moines, IA


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